Creating an Account on Red Alert 2 PvPGN

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    The steps are easy to follow, just see the images below:

    1. In the main menu click Internet>My Information>New Account:


    2. Fill out your date of birth and your email adress:


    3. Input your Nickname and an 8 letter password:


    4.After this you receive the welcome message informing you that the account has been created:


    5. Select Preffered server Europe Diablo, the Country you most play with and your preffered color:


    6.Hit back and you are ready to Create/Join custom games.

    Note: For Yuri's Revenge, you use the account created in Red Alert 2.

    [!] For Vista/Win7 users: When playing in Internet mode, delete or remove the file wsock32.dll from your RA2/YR folder, it will prevent you from playing >with freezes or blackscreens [!]
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