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    Instructions on how to connect to our dedicated private server Europe Diablo's PVPGN WOL

    1. Make sure you installed Red Alert 2 and optionally the expansion Yuri's Revenge following steps listed here
    2. Make sure you have disabled any previous hamachi connection if you ever used one.
    3. Edit your hosts file from your windows directory by rightclicking on it, select Open With and choose Notepad or your default text editor. Usually can be found in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc Picture 1
    Picture 2
    4. Add the following IPs beneath the last line listed in hosts file as shown in Picture 3: servserv.westwood.com apiregister.westwood.com irc.westwood.com gameres.westwood.com
    Picture 3
    5. Go ingame and click Internet in order to connect
    6. Create a new account once you click Internet then choose My Information and select New Account
    Picture 4
    7. Fill out your date of birth and e-mail address followed by your nickname and an 8 letter pasword. After doing this you will receive the welcome message informing you that the account was created.
    If you are playing Yuri's Revenge, you will need first to create an account using Red Alert 2 and then simply login with the same details inside Yuri's Revenge expansion.
    Picture 5
    Picture 6
    Picture 7
    8. Select Europe Diablo's PVPGN WOL server, the country you most play with and your preffered color
    Picture 8
    9. Hit the back button and you are ready to create and join quick matches, custom games, tournaments

    Ask for support if you encounter any problems or errors and visit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for any questions that you might have.

    [!] For Vista/Win7 users: When playing in Internet mode, delete or remove the file wsock32.dll from your RA2/YR folder, it will prevent you from playing >with freezes or blackscreens [!]

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