Server Major Upgrade

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Gix, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Dear Members,

    We had a major server upgrade yesterday and another small one which was finished few minutes ago.

    What's new ?

    First of all keep in mind we are running our very own coded platform using some ideas from pvpgn open source project. Comparing to the open source project, our private one is much more advanced with a lot of fixes and features that will take years for others to develop.
    Here are just some few of the many fixes and features that were added during this upgrade

    - server version upgraded to 2.96.3-SVN
    - ra2, yuri quickgame and tournament support
    - diablo2 server supports now 1.13c version
    - commands such as /users, /finger, /games, /p, etc have been reactivated
    - improvements on our w3 server
    - new options available for quickmatches, clans, friend list
    - new host available Intel Xeon E7550 - Quad Processor Octo Core Nehalem EX 7550 2.00GHz 4 x 18MB cache - 32GB DDR3
    - new server address that will be used in order to connect from now on:

    Remember to vote for us and bring as many friends as you can
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